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Feminine and Masculine names.

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WACŁAW m : Polish form of VÁCLAV.

WACŁAWA f : Feminine form of WACŁAW.

WADE m : From an English surname, either WADE (1) or WADE (2).

WADUD m : Means "lover, affectionate" in Arabic. In Islamic tradition الودود (al-Wadud) is one of the 99 names of Allah.

WAFAI m : Means "loyalty" in Arabic.

WAFI m : Means "trustworthy, reliable, loyal, perfect" in Arabic.

WAFIYA f : Feminine form of WAFI.

WAHEED m : Variant transcription of WAHID.

WAHEEDA f : Variant transcription of WAHIDA.

WAHID m : Means "peerless, unique" in Arabic. In Islamic tradition الوحيد (al-Wahid) is one of the 99 names of Allah.

WAHIDA f : Feminine form of WAHID.

WAHYU m : Means "revelation" in Indonesian.

WAIMARIE f : Means "good luck" in Maori.

WAKANA f : From Japanese 和 (wa) meaning "harmony" and 奏 (kana) meaning "play music, complete", as well as other combinations of kanji which are pronounced th...

WALAHFRID m : Derived from the Germanic elements walha "stranger" and frid "peace".

WALBURGA f : Means "ruler of the fortress" from the Germanic elements wald "power, leader, ruler" and burg "fortress". This was the name of an 8th-century saint fr...

WALDEBURG f : Old Germanic form of WALBURGA.

WALDEDRUDIS f : Old Germanic form of WALTRAUD.

WALDEK m : Polish diminutive of WALDEMAR.

WALDEMAR m : Germanic derivative of the Slavic name VLADIMIR (or perhaps a cognate composed of the Germanic elements wald "rule" and meri "famous"). It was introdu...

WALDHAR m : Old Germanic form of WALTER.

WALDO m : Originally a short form of Germanic names containing the element wald meaning "rule". In the Middle Ages this name became the basis for a surname. Its...

WALDOBERT m : Old Germanic form of GAUBERT.

WALDOMAR m : Old Germanic form of WALDEMAR.

WALENTY m : Polish form of Valentinus (see VALENTINE (1)).

WALENTYNA f : Polish form of VALENTINA.

WALERIA f : Polish form of VALERIA.

WALERIAN m : Polish form of Valerianus (see VALERIAN).

WALERY m : Polish form of VALERIUS.

WALGANUS m : Latin form of GAWAIN.

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