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Feminine and Masculine names.

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TAALAY m : Means "lucky, happy" in Kyrgyz.

TAAVETTI m : Finnish form of DAVID.

TAAVI m : Finnish form of DAVID.

TABASSUM f/m : Means "smiling" in Arabic.

TABATHA f : Variant of TABITHA.

TABBY f : Diminutive of TABITHA.

TABEA f : German short form of TABITHA. This form was used in earlier editions of the Luther Bible.

TABITA f : Latin form of TABITHA.

TABITHA f : Means "gazelle" in Aramaic. Tabitha in the New Testament was a woman restored to life by Saint Peter. Her name is translated into Greek as Dorcas (see...

TACEY f : Derived from Latin tace meaning "be silent". It was in use from the 16th century, though it died out two centuries later.

TACITA f : Feminine form of TACITUS.

TACITO m : Italian, Spanish and Portuguese form of TACITUS.

TACITUS m : Roman cognomen which meant "silent, mute" in Latin. This was the name of a 1st-century Roman historian.

TAD m : Short form of THADDEUS.

TADALA f/m : Means "we have been blessed" in Chewa.

TADAS m : Lithuanian form of THADDEUS.

TADDEO m : Italian form of THADDEUS.

TADEJ m : Slovene form of THADDEUS.

TADEO m : Spanish form of THADDEUS.

TADEU m : Portuguese form of THADDEUS.

TADEUSZ m : Polish form of THADDEUS.

TADEÁŠ m : Czech and Slovak form of THADDEUS.

TADG m : Old Irish form of TADHG.

TADHG m : Means "poet" in Irish. This was the name of an 11th-century king of Connacht.

TADHGÁN m : Diminutive of TADHG.

TADIJA m : Croatian form of THADDEUS.

TAEGAN f/m : Variant of TEAGAN.

TAFADZWA f/m : Means "we are pleased" in Shona.

TAFARI m : Possibly means "he who inspires awe" in Amharic. This name was borne by Lij Tafari Makonnen (1892-1975), also known as Haile Selassie, the last empero...

TAFFY m : Diminutive of DAFYDD.

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