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Feminine and Masculine names.

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OANA f : Romanian short form of IOANA.

OANEZ f : Derived from Breton oan "lamb" (ultimately from Latin agnus) and used as a Breton form of AGNES.

OBADIAH m : Means "servant of YAHWEH" in Hebrew. This is the name of one of the twelve minor prophets in the Old Testament.

OBDULIA f : Meaning unknown. This was the name of a saint from Toledo, Spain. The details of her life are unknown.

OBED m : Means "servant, worshipper" in Hebrew. This is the name of several Old Testament characters including the grandfather of David.

OBERON m : Variant of AUBERON. Oberon was the king of the fairies in Shakespeare's comedy 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' (1595). A moon of Uranus bears this name in...

OBI m : Means "heart" in Igbo.

OBRAD m : Possibly derived from Serbian obradovati "to make happy".

OCEAN f/m : Simply from the English word ocean for a large body of water. It is ultimately derived from Greek Ωκεανος (Okeanos), the name of the body of wa...

OCEANUS m : Latinized form of OKEANOS.

OCHIENG m : Means "born when the sun shines", derived from Luo chieng meaning "sun".

OCTAVE m : French form of OCTAVIUS.

OCTAVIA f : Feminine form of OCTAVIUS. Octavia was the wife of Mark Antony and the sister of Roman emperor Augustus. In 19th-century England it was sometimes give...

OCTAVIAN m : From the Roman name Octavianus, which was derived from the name OCTAVIUS. After Gaius Octavius (later Roman emperor Augustus) was adopted by Julius Ca...

OCTAVIANUS m : Latin form of OCTAVIAN.

OCTAVIO m : Spanish form of OCTAVIUS.

OCTAVIUS m : Roman family name meaning "eighth" from Latin octavus. This was the original family name of the emperor Augustus (born Gaius Octavius). It was also ra...

OCTÁVIA f : Portuguese form of OCTAVIA.

OCTÁVIO m : Portuguese form of OCTAVIUS.

OCÉANE f : Derived from French océan meaning "ocean".

ODA f : Feminine form of Odo (see OTTO).

ODALIS f/m : Spanish form of ODILIA.

ODALRIC m : Old Germanic form of ULRICH.

ODALYS f : Variant of ODALIS.

ODARKA f : Ukrainian variant of DARIYA.

ODD m : Derived from Old Norse oddr meaning "point of a sword".

ODDMUND m : Possibly a modern coinage based on the Old Norse elements oddr "point of a sword" and mundr "protection".

ODDO m : Italian form of OTTO.

ODDR m : Old Norse form of ODD.

ODE m : Medieval English form of Odo (see OTTO).

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