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Feminine and Masculine names.

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MAAIKE f : Dutch diminutive of MARIA.

MAALA f : Form of MAHLAH used in the Greek and Latin Old Testament.

MAALIK m : Means "owner, possessor, master" in Arabic.

MAAN m : Limburgish short form of HERMAN.

MAARIA f : Finnish form of MARIA.

MAARIKA f : Diminutive of MAARIA (Finnish) or MAARJA (Estonian).

MAARIT f : Finnish form of MARGARET.

MAARJA f : Estonian form of MARIA.

MAARTEN m : Dutch form of MARTIN.

MAARTJE f : Dutch feminine form of MARTIN.

MAAS m : Dutch short form of THOMAS.

MAATA f : Maori form of MARTHA.

MAAYAN f/m : Means "spring of water" in Hebrew.

MABEL f : Medieval feminine form of AMABILIS. This spelling and Amabel were common during the Middle Ages, though they became rare after the 15th century. It wa...

MABELLA f : Elaborated form of MABEL.

MABELLE f : Variant of MABEL. It also coincides with the French phrase ma belle meaning "my beautiful".

MABLE f : Variant of MABEL.

MABON m : Derived from Welsh mab meaning "son". This was the name of an old Celtic god.

MABYN f : Means "youth" in Welsh. This was the name of an obscure 6th-century Welsh saint. She was one of the daughters of Saint Brychan.

MAC BEATHA m : Gaelic form of MACBETH.

MACARENA f : From the name of a barrio (district) in Seville, which got its name from a temple which may have been named for a person Macarius (see MACARIO). The V...

MACARIA f : Feminine form of MACARIO.

MACARIO m : Spanish form of the Latin name Macarius, derived from the Greek name Μακαριος (Makarios), which was in turn derived from Greek μακαρ (mak...

MACARIUS m : Latin form of MACARIO.

MACBETH m : Anglicized form of the Gaelic given name Mac Beatha meaning "son of life", implying holiness. This was the name of an 11th-century Scottish king. Shak...

MACEY f : Variant of MACY.

MACHALAT f : Hebrew form of MAHALATH.

MACHLAH f/m : Hebrew form of MAHLAH.

MACHLI m : Hebrew form of MAHLI.

MACHTELD f : Dutch form of MATILDA.

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