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Feminine and Masculine names.

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LAARNI f : Meaning unknown.

LABAN m : Derived from Hebrew לָבָן (lavan) meaning "white". In the Old Testament this is the name of the father of Rachel and Leah.

LABHRAINN m : Scottish form of LAURENCE (1).

LABHRÁS m : Irish form of LAURENCE (1).

LACEY f/m : From a surname which was a variant of LACY.

LACHESIS f : Means "apportioner" in Greek. She was one of the three Fates or Μοιραι (Moirai) in Greek mythology. She was responsible for deciding how long ea...

LACHIE m : Diminutive of LACHLAN.

LACHINA f : Feminine form of LACHLAN.

LACHLAN m : Originally a Scottish nickname for a person who was from Norway. In Scotland, Norway was known as the "land of the lochs", or Lochlann.

LACHTNA m : Means "milk-coloured" in Irish Gaelic. According to legend this was the name of an ancestor of the Irish king Brian Boru.

LACI (1) m : Diminutive of LÁSZLÓ.

LACI (2) f : Variant of LACY.

LACY f/m : From a surname which was derived from Lassy, the name of a town in Normandy. The name of the town was Gaulish in origin, perhaps deriving from a perso...

LADISLAO m : Italian form of VLADISLAV.

LADISLAS m : Latinized form of VLADISLAV.

LADISLAUS m : Latinized form of VLADISLAV.

LADISLAV m : Czech, Slovak, Slovene and Croatian form of VLADISLAV.

LADISLAVA f : Czech and Slovak feminine form of VLADISLAV.

LADO m : Short form of VLADIMER.

LADONNA f : Combination of the popular prefix La with the name DONNA.

LAEL m : Means "of God" in Hebrew. This was the name of the father of Eliasaph in the Old Testament.

LAELIA f : Feminine form of Laelius, a Roman family name of unknown meaning. This is also the name of a type of flower, an orchid found in Mexico and Central Ame...

LAELIUS m : Masculine form of LAELIA.

LAETITIA f : Original form of LETITIA, as well as the French form.

LAGINA f : Combination of the popular prefix La with the name GINA.

LAGLE f : Means "goose" in Estonian.

LAHJA f : Means "gift" in Finnish.

LAIA f : Catalan diminutive of EULALIA.

LAILA (1) f : Variant of LAYLA.

LAILA (2) f : Scandinavian and Finnish form of LÁILÁ.

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