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Feminine and Masculine names.

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KAAN m : Variant of KAĞAN.

KAAPO m : Finnish form of GABRIEL.

KAAPRO m : Finnish form of GABRIEL.

KAARINA f : Finnish form of KATHERINE.

KAARLE m : Finnish form of CHARLES.

KAARLO m : Finnish form of CHARLES.

KACEY f : Variant of CASEY.

KACIE f : Variant of CASEY.

KACPER m : Polish form of JASPER.

KADE m : Variant of CADE.

KADEK f/m : Possibly from Balinese adik meaning "younger sibling". This name is traditionally given to the second-born child.

KADEN m : Variant of CADEN.

KADER (1) m : Variant transcription of QADIR.

KADER (2) f : Means "fate, destiny" in Turkish.

KADRI f : Estonian form of KATHERINE.

KADRİ m : Means "value" in Turkish.

KADRİYE f : Feminine form of KADRİ.

KADİR m : Turkish form of QADIR.

KAE f : Variant of KAY (1).

KAEDE f/m : From Japanese 楓 (kaede) meaning "maple" or other kanji which are pronounced the same way.

KAEDEN m : Variant of CADEN.

KAELEA f : Variant of KAYLEE.

KAELEE f : Variant of KAYLEE.

KAELYN f : Variant of KAYLYN.

KAETY f : Diminutive of KATE.

KAGISO f/m : Means "peace" in Tswana.

KAHINA f : Derived from Arabic الكاهِنة (al-Kahinah) meaning "the diviner, the fortuneteller". This was a title applied to the 7th-century Berber queen D...

KAHURANGI f/m : From the name of a type of green gemstone found in New Zealand, meaning "sky blue" in Maori.

KAI (1) m : Meaning uncertain, possibly a Frisian diminutive of GERHARD, NICOLAAS, CORNELIS or GAIUS.

KAI (2) f : Variant of KAJA (1).

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