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Feminine and Masculine names.

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ZAAHIR (1) m : Derived from Arabic زهر (zahara) meaning "to shine, to radiate".

ZAAHIR (2) m : Derived from Arabic ظهر (zahara) meaning "to become clear, to emerge".

ZAAHIRA f : Feminine form of ZAAHIR (1).

ZAAL m : Georgian form of ZAL.

ZABEL f : Armenian form of ISABEL. A 13th-century ruling queen of Cilician Armenia bore this name.

ZABOULON m : Greek form of ZEBULUN.

ZABULON m : Latin form of ZEBULUN.

ZAC m : Short form of ZACHARY.

ZACARÍAS m : Spanish form of ZECHARIAH.

ZACCAI m : From the Hebrew name זַכָּי (Zakkay) meaning "pure". This is the name of a minor character in the Old Testament.

ZACCHAEUS m : From Ζακχαιος (Zakchaios), the Greek form of ZACCAI. In the New Testament he is a tax collector in Jericho who gives half his possessions to c...

ZACCHARIAS m : Form of ZACHARIAS used in the Latin Bible.

ZACCHEUS m : Latin form of Ζακχαιος (see ZACCHAEUS) used in the Vulgate.

ZACH m : Short form of ZACHARY.

ZACHARIAH m : Variant of ZECHARIAH. This spelling is used in the King James Version of the Old Testament to refer to one of the kings of Israel (called Zechariah in...

ZACHARIAS m : Greek form of ZECHARIAH. This form of the name is used in most English versions of the New Testament to refer to the father of John the Baptist. It wa...

ZACHARIASZ m : Polish form of ZECHARIAH.

ZACHARIE m : French form of ZECHARIAH.

ZACHARY m : Usual English form of ZACHARIAS. This form has been in use since the Middle Ages, though it did not become common until after the Protestant Reformati...

ZACHERY m : Variant of ZACHARY.

ZACK m : Short form of ZACHARY.

ZACKARY m : Variant of ZACHARY.

ZACKERY m : Variant of ZACHARY.

ZADOK m : Means "righteous" in Hebrew. This is the name of several characters in the Old Testament, most notably the high priest of Israel during the reigns of ...

ZAHARA f : Feminine form of ZOHAR.

ZAHARI m : Bulgarian form of ZECHARIAH.

ZAHARINA f : Bulgarian and Macedonian feminine form of ZECHARIAH.

ZAHARINKA f : Diminutive of ZAHARINA.

ZAHI m : Means "beautiful, brilliant" in Arabic.

ZAHIA f : Feminine form of ZAHI.

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