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Feminine and Masculine names.

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VADIK m : Diminutive of VADIM.

VADIM m : Meaning unknown. It is used as a Russian form of BADEMUS, but it may actually be derived from the Slavic name VADIMIR or else from an Old Norse source...

VADIMIR m : Possibly from the Slavic elements vaditi "accuse" and miru "peace, world".

VAHAGN m : From Avestan Verethragna meaning "breaking of defense, victory". In Armenian mythology this was the name of the heroic god of war.

VAHAN m : Means "shield" in Armenian.

VAHID m : Persian form of WAHID.

VAHİDE f : Turkish feminine form of WAHID.

VAHİT m : Turkish form of WAHID.

VAIVA f : From Lithuanian vaivorykštė meaning "rainbow".

VAKHA m : Derived from Nakh vakha "to live".

VAKHTANG m : Derived from Old Persian varka-tanu meaning "wolf-bodied". This name was borne by several kings of Georgia.

VAL f/m : Short form of VALENTINE (1), VALERIE, and other names beginning with Val.

VALARIE f : Variant of VALERIE.

VALARY f : Variant of VALERIE.

VALDA f : Modern coinage from Germanic wald meaning "power, rule". It has been in use only since the 20th century.

VALDAS m : Short form of VALDEMARAS and other Lithuanian names containing the Germanic/Baltic element wald "rule".

VALDEMAR m : Scandinavian form of WALDEMAR. This was the name of four kings of Denmark.

VALDEMARAS m : Lithuanian cognate of WALDEMAR.

VALDIMÁRR m : Old Norse form of VALDEMAR.

VALDIS m : Short form of VOLDEMĀRS and other Latvian names containing the Germanic/Baltic element wald "rule".

VALDÍS f : Derived from Old Norse valr "the dead" and dís "goddess".

VALE f : From the English word meaning "wide river valley".

VALENCIA f : From a Late Latin name which was derived from valentia "power". Cities in Spain and Venezuela bear this name.

VALENS m : Roman cognomen (see VALENTINE (1)). This name was borne by a 4th-century Roman emperor.

VALENT m : Croatian short form of VALENTIN.

VALENTIJN m : Dutch form of Valentinus (see VALENTINE (1)).

VALENTIN m : Form of Valentinus (see VALENTINE (1)).

VALENTINA f : Feminine form of Valentinus (see VALENTINE (1)). A famous bearer was the Soviet cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova (1937-), who in 1963 became the first ...

VALENTINE (1) m : From the Roman cognomen Valentinus which was itself from the name Valens meaning "strong, vigourous, healthy" in Latin. Saint Valentine was a 3rd-cent...

VALENTINE (2) f : French feminine form of Valentinus (see VALENTINE (1)).

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