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Feminine and Masculine names.

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SA'ADAT f : Means "happiness, luck" in Arabic.

SA'D m : Means "fortune, good luck" in Arabic. This was the name of a successful military commander for the Muslims during the early years of Islam.

SA'DI m : Means "fortunate, lucky" in Arabic.

SA'DIA f : Feminine form of SA'DI.

SA'ID m : Means "happy, lucky" in Arabic. This was the name of a companion of the Prophet Muhammad.

SA'IDA f : Feminine form of SA'ID.

SAAM m : Variant transcription of SAM (2).

SAANA f : From the name of a mountain in northern Finland.

SAARA f : Finnish form of SARAH.

SABA m : Georgian form of SABAS.

SABAH f/m : Means "morning" in Arabic and Turkish.

SABAH UD-DIN m : Means "morning of religion", derived from Arabic صباح (sabah) "morning" and دين (din) "religion".

SABAHATTİN m : Turkish form of SABAH UD-DIN.

SABAHUDIN m : Bosnian form of SABAH UD-DIN.

SABAS m : From a Greek name which was derived from Hebrew סַבָא (sava') meaning "old man". Saints bearing this name include a 4th-century Gothic martyr, a ...

SABBAS m : Variant of SABAS.

SABEEN f : Means "follower of another religion" in Arabic. This name was given to Muhammad and other Muslims by non-Muslim Arabs.

SABELA f : Galician form of ISABEL.

SABELLA f : Short form of ISABELLA.

SABELLIUS m : Latin form of SAVELIY.

SABIA f : Latinized form of SADB.

SABIEN f : Dutch form of SABINA.

SABINA f : Feminine form of Sabinus, a Roman cognomen meaning "Sabine" in Latin. The Sabines were an ancient people who lived in central Italy, their lands event...

SABINE f : French and German form of SABINA.

SABINO m : Italian form of Sabinus (see SABINA).

SABINUS m : Latin masculine form of SABINA.

SABLE f : From the English word meaning "black", derived from the name of the black-furred mammal native to Northern Asia, ultimately of Slavic origin.

SABRI m : Means "patient" in Arabic.

SABRINA f : Latinized form of Habren, the original Welsh name of the River Severn. According to Geoffrey of Monmouth, Sabrina was the name of a princess who was d...

SABRIYYA f : Feminine form of SABRI.

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