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Feminine and Masculine names.

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HA-JUN m : From Sino-Korean 夏 (ha) meaning "summer, great, grand" combined with 准 (jun) meaning "approve, permit". This name can be formed by other hanja cha...

HA-YUN f : From Sino-Korean 昰 (ha) meaning "summer, name" combined with 昀 (yun) meaning "sunlight". Other hanja character combinations are possible.

HAAKON m : Variant of HÅKON.

HAAMID m : Variant transcription of HAMID (2).

HABACUC m : Latin form of HABAKKUK used in some versions of the Vulgate.

HABAKKUK m : From the Hebrew name חֲבַקּוּק (Chavaqquq) meaning "embrace". This is the name of one of the twelve minor prophets of the Old Testament.

HABIB m : Means "beloved, darling" in Arabic.

HABIBA f : Feminine form of HABIB.

HABIBULLAH m : Means "friend of ALLAH", from Arabic حبيب (habib) meaning "friend" combined with الله (Allah).

HACER f : Turkish form of HAGAR.

HACHIRO m : Variant transcription of HACHIROU.

HACHIROU m : From Japanese 八 (hachi) meaning "eight" and 郎 (rou) meaning "son". This was traditionally a name for the eighth son. Other kanji combinations are ...

HADAD m : Possibly derived from a Semitic root meaning "thunder". Hadad was the Semitic god of thunder and storms, often called Ba'al.

HADAR f/m : Means "splendour, glory" in Hebrew.

HADAS f : Means "myrtle tree" in Hebrew.

HADASSAH f : Means "myrtle tree" in Hebrew. In the Old Testament this is the Hebrew name of Queen Esther.

HADES m : From Greek ‘Αιδης (Haides), derived from αιδης (aides) meaning "unseen". In Greek mythology Hades was the dark god of the underworld, whic...

HADEWIG f : Old Germanic form of HEDWIG.

HADEWYCH f : Dutch form of HEDWIG.

HADI m : Means "leader, guide" in Arabic.

HADIA f : Feminine form of HADI.

HADIL f : Means "cooing (of a pigeon)" in Arabic.

HADIYA f : Feminine form of HADI.

HADIYYA f : Means "gift" in Arabic.

HADIİYE f : Turkish feminine form of HADI.

HADJARA f : Variant transcription of HAJAR.

HADLEY f/m : From an English surname which was derived from a place name meaning "heather field" in Old English.

HADRIAN m : From the Roman cognomen Hadrianus, which meant "from Hadria" in Latin. Hadria was a town in northern Italy (it gave its name to the Adriatic Sea). A f...

HADRIANA f : Feminine form of HADRIANUS.

HADRIANUS m : Original Roman form of HADRIAN.

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