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Feminine and Masculine names.

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FAAS m : Dutch short form of BONIFAAS or SERVAAS.

FABIA f : Feminine form of FABIUS.

FABIAN m : From the Roman cognomen Fabianus, which was derived from FABIUS. Saint Fabian was a 3rd-century pope.

FABIANA f : Feminine form of Fabianus (see FABIAN).

FABIANO m : Italian and Portuguese form of Fabianus (see FABIAN).

FABIANUS m : Original Latin form of FABIAN.

FABIEN m : French form of Fabianus (see FABIAN).

FABIENNE f : French feminine form of Fabianus (see FABIAN).

FABIJAN m : Croatian and Slovene form of Fabianus (see FABIAN).

FABIO m : Italian and Spanish form of FABIUS.

FABIOLA f : Diminutive of FABIA. This was the name of a 4th-century saint from Rome.

FABIUS m : Roman family name which was derived from Latin faba "bean". Quintus Fabius Maximus was the Roman general who used delaying tactics to halt the invasio...

FABIÁN m : Spanish form of Fabianus (see FABIAN).

FABRICE m : French form of the Roman family name Fabricius, which was derived from Latin faber "craftsman". Gaius Fabricius Luscinus was a 3rd-century BC Roman ge...

FABRICIA f : Feminine form of Fabricius (see FABRICE).

FABRICIO m : Spanish and Portuguese form of Fabricius (see FABRICE).

FABRICIUS m : Original Latin form of FABRICE.

FABRIZIA f : Italian feminine form of Fabricius (see FABRICE).

FABRIZIO m : Italian form of Fabricius (see FABRICE).

FABÓ m : Diminutive of FÁBIÁN.

FACHTNA m : Perhaps means "hostile" in Irish Gaelic. He was the husband of Neasa in Irish legend. Some versions of the legends also have him as the father of Conc...

FADDEI m : Variant transcription of FADDEY.

FADDEY m : Russian form of THADDEUS.

FADI m : Means "saviour" in Arabic. This is an Arabic name of Jesus.

FADIA f : Feminine form of FADI.

FADIL m : Means "virtuous, generous" in Arabic.

FADILA f : Feminine form of FADIL.

FADL m : Means "grace, generosity" in Arabic. This was a name of both a cousin of Muhammad and a son of Abbas (the son of the fourth caliph Ali).

FADİME f : Turkish variant of FATMA.

FAE f : Variant of FAY.

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