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Feminine and Masculine names.

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CADE m : From a surname which was originally derived from a nickname meaning "round" in Old English.

CADELL m : From Welsh cad "battle" and a diminutive suffix.

CADEN m : Sometimes explained as a derivative of the Irish surname Caden, which is a reduced form of the Gaelic surname Mac Cadáin meaning "son of Cadán". In ...

CADENCE f : From an English word meaning "rhythm, flow". It has been in use only since the 20th century.

CADEYRN m : Means "battle king" from Welsh cad "battle" and teyrn "king, monarch". Cadeyrn (also known as Catigern) was a 5th-century king of Powys in Wales, the ...

CADFAEL m : Means "battle prince" from Welsh cad "battle" and mael "prince".

CADFAN m : Means "battle peak" from Welsh cad "battle" and ban "peak". Saint Cadfan, from Brittany, was a 6th-century missionary to Wales.

CADI f : Short form of CATRIN.

CADOC m : Derived from Welsh cad "battle". This was the name of a 6th-century Welsh saint who was martyred by the Saxons.

CADOGAN m : Anglicized form of CADWGAN.

CADWALADER m : Means "leader of the battle" from Welsh cad "battle" and gwaladr "leader". This was the name of a Welsh saint of the 7th century.

CADWGAN m : Means "glory in battle" from Welsh cad "battle" and gwogawn "glory, honour". In the Mabinogion, a collection of tales from Welsh myth, this name is br...

CAECILIA f : German form of CECILIA, as well as the original Latin form.

CAECILIUS m : Original masculine form of CECILIA.

CAEDMON m : Meaning unknown, though the first element is likely connected to Brythonic caed meaning "battle". Saint Caedmon was a 7th-century Anglo-Saxon poet who...

CAELAN f/m : Anglicized form of CAOLÁN or CAOILFHIONN.

CAELESTINUS m : Late Latin name, a derivative of CAELESTIS. This name was borne by five popes (usually spelled Celestine in English).

CAELESTIS m : Late Latin name which meant "of the sky, heavenly".

CAELIA f : Feminine form of CAELIUS.

CAELIE f : Variant of KAYLEE.

CAELINA f : Feminine form of CAELINUS.

CAELINUS m : Roman family name which was itself derived from the Roman family name CAELIUS.

CAELIUS m : Roman family name which was derived from Latin caelum meaning "heaven".

CAERWYN m : Derived from the Welsh elements caer "fortress" and gwyn "white, fair".

CAESAR m : From a Roman cognomen which possibly meant "hairy", from Latin caesaries "hair". Julius Caesar and his adopted son Julius Caesar Octavianus (commonly ...

CAESARIUS m : Late Latin name which was derived from CAESAR. Saint Caesarius was a 6th-century bishop of Arles.

CAETANO m : Portuguese form of Caietanus (see GAETANO).

CAETLIN f : Variant of CAITLIN.

CAHAL m : Anglicized form of CATHAL.

CAHAYA f/m : Means "light" in Malay and Indonesian.

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